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May we introduce ourselves?


With us you will only find i:SY. The complete i:SY premium range, all i:SY e-bikes and the complete i:SY accessories. And of course the right i:SY workshop. Welcome to the i:SY eBike online shop of the TWENTY iNCH FACTORY.

i:SY – the original
Brilliantly drawn, well made, made of the best material and beautiful. What's more, the driving position is upright, which makes long, comfortable driving easy - no numbness or tingling in the arms and legs, no neck pain, no back or butt pain. Whether in the city, off-road or on the track: everything i:SY.

Your test drive

To put the i:SY smile on your face, you need two things: First, the i:SY eBike from the Twenty Inch Factory i:SY eBike online shop. And secondly, plenty of space on the face so that the smile fits in. Nothing stands in the way of your test drive with us. We look forward to seeing you.

Best selection

We will be happy to explain all i:SY models to you in detail and you can configure your desired i.SY from the complete i:SY program together with us.

Super Service

One thing is clear anyway, you will receive your i:SY from us, fully assembled and adjusted to suit you. But what we find so important: we really, really, really take time for you.

Lübeck & Ratzeburg

In the middle of Lübeck and in Ratzeburg you will find all i:SY models, the hand-picked accessories and our i:SY premium workshop.

Shop Lübeck
Mühlenstraße 56, 23552 Lübeck

Shop Ratzeburg
Am Markt 2, 23909 Ratzeburg

Interview with Paddy and Thorsten in the Lübecker Nachrichten

Lübecker Nachrichten: Your next car is an e-bike. This is the motto of your store; A bit provocative, isn't it?

Paddy: Before, but now? The fact is that more and more people see it that way.

Thorsten: And switch from the car to the bike or e-bike! The cost of a car is so incredibly high and the benefits are getting smaller and smaller. I'm not allowed to drive here, I'm not allowed to park there, I'm stuck in traffic, I'm stressed. Not even starting with the environment. It took a long time, but there is now a lot to suggest that people have finished their coffee and are buying an e-bike.

Paddy: Exactly, and so that it is just as stress-free as actually riding a bike, ideally in the i:SY premium store. Because the e-bike that is supposed to replace your car has to be very good, comfortable and practical. That's where we come in, because with us you'll find three things: a mega product, a special shopping experience and real sustainability.

Mega product?

Thorsten. Exactly. We offer e-bikes from i:SY. These are these e-bikes with the small tires and i:SY is the pioneer, the original. Often imitated, but not even remotely achieved, that's what we stand for. The quality is absolutely top.

​Special shopping experience?

Paddy: Shopping these days is often tiring. And buying an e-bike doesn't make it any easier. We do this a little differently. Our store visitors are our guests and we really care about them. And they notice that.

Thorsten: And the guests often drive home with an i:SY. This brings us to sustainability: riding an e-bike protects the environment. like all e-bikes, so does the i:SY. But the i:SY can do more, it puts a lasting smile on your face, even after the hundredth trip. So the combination makes you happy.

But this happiness comes at a cost, i:SY bikes are not cheap.

Paddy: I ​​think it's relative. If I calculate the cost of an i:SY instead of five-figure amounts for a car, it is very cheap. First in the purchase and then in the maintenance.

Thorsten: But it's still true, i:SY e-bikes are premium products and cost accordingly. It won't be cheaper again either.

Paddy: It's even better that there is job bike leasing . The tax office basically covers half of the costs. It's worth it and can be set up in three minutes. Just ask us or have a look on the website. We also have a leasing calculator so you can quickly check what an i:SY would cost per month.