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It's nice that you're here - with us you'll find the complete i:SY program: all i:SY e-bikes, the right i:SY accessories and the very best i:SY service. If you have any questions, we are there for you at i:SY, in person, by phone or online.

i:SY XXL Speed ​​P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY XXL P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY Cargo P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY Cargo P12 ZR Maxi – 2024

i:SY Pinion & i:SY Skyfly

i:SY innovations 2024

The i:SY innovations for 2024 are stunning: from the 17 kilo i:SY Skyfly to the revolutionary i:SY Pinion. Let tomorrow inspire you today, your TWENTY INCH FACTORY.

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HUD-Y by i:SY from ABUS seashell white i:SY Cool Bag BySchulz G.2 ST parallelogram suspension seat post 34.9 / 450mm HUD-Y by i:SY from ABUS jungle green HUD-Y by i:SY from ABUS pepper black

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