i:SY Workshop & Service

100 percent i:SY

Setting up, inspecting, maintaining and repairing your i:SY are our specialties.

You can find our i:SY workshop at Mühlenstraße 56 in Lübeck. We are happy about every i.SY and every i:SY lover who comes to our workshop.

Please arrange a workshop appointment via our chat (see the orange speech bubble at the bottom right). We are also happy to answer questions in advance.

great team

We always say we can only do i:SY and do it correctly. But what is exactly important are the people behind it. They build, maintain, repair, test drive and update the i:SY with great expertise. Regular, certified training is just as important as a well-designed workplace.

let's see

Our primary goal is to get your bike running and safe again. After a thorough assessment, we will tell you how complex your repair will be, what spare parts we need and of course how long it will take. Every i:SY is thoroughly checked for operational and traffic safety so that you can travel safely.

Premium quality

... is our standard. First-class products, tools and parts that meet the highest quality standards are what we carry and use ourselves. Bosch, by, Schulz, Pinion, Shimano – to name just a few. We use checklists that were developed by ourselves and are regularly adapted - as is currently the case with the wonderful Pinion.

Roadside assistance

Fast breakdown assistance for i:SY drivers! We are happy to be there for you and your i:SY straight away for small repairs. Write and (bottom right, the orange speech bubble), call or just come by. Then we'll see if and what we can do for you.

Bosch certified

We can only i.SY. But that's right. Of course, this means that we are very familiar with all the parts that make up the i:SY. This includes certified BOSCH training courses, which keep us constantly up to date with e-bike software, displays and drives.


We love i:SY and our world. Old parts, used oil, anything that could be harmful is recycled or disposed of professionally.

i:SY inspection

For the inspection of your i:SY, we have set up a special page that shows you exactly what we do. Just click on this link: i:SY inspection


To make an appointment for maintenance, repair or inspection of your i:SY, write to us (in the orange speech bubble). We look forward to seeing you.