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i:SY S8 F 400Wh – 2023 i:SY S8 RT 400W – 2023 i:SY S8 FB 400Wh – 2023 i:SY S8 F (400W) – 2024 i:SY S8 RT (400W) – 2024

The starter i:SY

i:SY S8

Experience the diversity and perfection of the i:SY S8 series in the i:SY premium store. Each model combines the precise Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub gear with the dynamic Bosch Active Line Plus drive for a smooth riding experience on every adventure. From 2024 we will be setting new standards in terms of reliability with the long-lasting GATES timing belt. The sporty i:SY S8 K offers lightness and speed, while the i:SY S8 B is a real eye-catcher with its stylish, brown accents. Discover the S8 series – designed to meet the highest standards of design and function.

i:SY S10 Adventure – 2023 i:SY S10 Adventure – 2024 i:SY S10 Skyfly – 2024

For adventurers

i:SY S10 Adventure

Meet the i:SY S10 Adventure: Your ultimate e-bike for any terrain. Equipped with SHIMANO Tiagra 10-speed derailleur gears and the powerful BOSCH Performance Line CX motor, the i:SY S10 Adventure guarantees performance wherever your adventures take you. The Suntour suspension fork and Smart Sam studded tires offer perfect damping and traction, whether on forest paths or urban streets. The i:SY S10 Adventure is not just an e-bike, it is an invitation to discover the world and cross borders. Ready for the adventure? The i:SY S10 Adventure is waiting for you.

i:SY E5 ZR F – 2023 i:SY E5 ZR RT – 2023 i:SY E5 ZR F – 2024 i:SY E5 ZR RT – 2024 i:SY E5 ZR F Comfort – 2023

The bestseller

i:SY E5

Discover the i:SY E5 model series – the first choice for sporty commuters. This series impresses with a 5-speed hub gear from SHIMANO specially designed for e-bikes, combined with an efficient toothed belt drive. Powered by powerful BOSCH Performance Line and CX engines, the i:SY E5 models offer an outstanding driving experience in all areas. The i:SY E5 Century models particularly stand out with elegant original Brooks components - the brown leather saddle B17, matching leather handles and an elegant leather saddle bag. Perfection and style meet performance and comfort.

i:SY N3.8 ZR – 2023 i:SY N3.8 ZR – 2024 i:SY N3.8 ZR B – 2023 i:SY N3.8 ZR CX Comfort – 2024 i:SY N3.8 ZR by Sadkowsky

Infinitely happy

i:SY N3.8

The i:SY N3.8 series: Perfection for every kilometer. Equipped with the seamless ENVIOLO 380 hub and a low-maintenance toothed belt drive, these models, together with the powerful BOSCH Performance Line motors, offer an incomparable riding experience, ideal for frequent riders and recreational cyclists. The Comfort version increases riding comfort with a suspended seat post from by.schulz, an ergonomically shaped handlebar, an adapted stem and a comfortable saddle. Discover the i:SY N3.8 ZR series in the i:SY premium store for ultimate driving fun and comfort on any terrain.

i:SY XXL Speed ​​P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY XXL P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY Cargo P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY Cargo P12 ZR Maxi – 2024

Time for revolution

i:SY P12 Pinion

Revolutionize your driving experience with the new P12 models in the i:SY premium store, equipped with the groundbreaking Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) from PINION. This innovative unit combines gearshift and motor in one, offers an impressive gear range of 600 percent and a powerful support of 85 Nm. Experience a new level of efficiency and comfort: The P12 models are extremely low-maintenance and almost wear-free thanks to the closed system. The perfect coordination between gearshift and engine ensures a harmonious driving experience, even shifting under load is possible. Equipped with the powerful 800 Wh Compact Core battery from FIT, no distance or climb is a challenge anymore. The innovative frame shape with integrated quick release and theft protection sets additional standards. With the P12 models, every goal is achievable.

i:SY S10 Skyfly – 2024 i:SY Skyfly E5 ZR F – 2024

S8 & E5

i:SY Skyfly

The first compact pedelec with a carbon frame and the new, particularly light BOSCH Performance Line SX - unbelievable: from 16.9 kg.

i:SY XXL E5 ZR F – 2023 i:SY XXL E5 ZR RT – 2023 i:SY XXL N3.8 ZR – 2023 i:SY XXL E5 ZR F Comfort – 2024 i:SY XXL E5 ZR RT Comfort – 2024

For the big ones


XXL at i:SY stands for maximum resilience and flexibility. The XXL models are specially designed for a total weight of up to 180 kg and offer exceptional driving comfort on any terrain. They are perfect for very tall people up to 2.10 m, but smaller riders with a body weight of 120-150 kg will also find their ideal bike in the XXL models, with possible adjustments such as a shorter stem and more curved handlebars for more comfort . Plus point: All XXL models come with a front carrier as standard. To find your perfect i:SY, we recommend: try it, try it, try it! Every i:SY model is based on the same high-quality basic components, while motors, gears and drive options (chain or timing belt) allow for individual adjustments. Discover your individually tailored i:SY and experience the perfect combination of quality and personalization.

i:SY Cargo P12 ZR Maxi – 2024 i:SY Cargo P12 ZR – 2024 i:SY Cargo N3.8 max – 2023 i:SY Cargo N3.8 – 2023

Endlessly good

i:SY Cargo P12

E-bike cargo bikes are revolutionizing urban mobility - and the i:SY Cargo P12 is at the forefront of this movement. Equipped with the innovative Motor.Gearbox.Unit from Pinion, it combines motor and gearbox in a low-maintenance and almost wear-free unit. The result? Exceptional driving characteristics that enable nimble, maneuverable and precise control even when fully loaded - exactly what you expect from i:SY. Whether you're new to cargo bikes or experienced - the i:SY Cargo P12 offers safety and pure riding fun. Choose your ideal transport partner from two model lengths and circuit variants. Move more, made easy – with i:SY Cargo.

i:SY Speed ​​N3.8 ZR – 2023 i:SY Speed ​​R14 – 2023 i:SY XXL Speed ​​P12 ZR – 2024

Definitely quick

i:SY Speed ​​P12

The i:SY Speed ​​P12 ZR redefines the e-bike experience: equipped with the innovative Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) from PINION, it combines gears and motor in a unique unit. With a gear range of 600 percent and 85 Nm support, it can effortlessly handle any route. The closed system guarantees minimal maintenance and maximum longevity, while the 800 Wh battery ensures extended tours. Experience speed and comfort with the i:SY Speed ​​P12 ZR - your sporty alternative for your daily commute.


One size fits all!

Our iconic ONE SIZE FRAME in the award-winning UNISEX DESIGN makes the i:SY unmistakable. It “grows” in length and height, which ensures OPTIMAL POWER DEVELOPMENT when sitting in an upright position.

Drive it!

Thanks to its COMPACT 20" CONSTRUCTION, our i:SY is resilient and extremely practical. THANKS TO THE ADJUSTED TRANSMISSION, it drives like a big bike - many say: the i:SY actually drives better.

Love it!

THE DEEP CENTER OF CENTER and the wide 20" balloon tires make the i:SY PARTICULARLY SAFE. Try it out – experience incomparable driving characteristics and UNKNOWN DRIVING FUN. You'll love it, I promise!