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In our FAQ you will find out a lot of interesting and exciting information about your i:SY. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch. If your question is frequently asked by others, we will include it here in the FAQ.

But yes! All you have to do is fold down the pedals, adjust the handlebars and easily lock them with the quick release. It couldn't be easier.

No, our driver will call you on your cell phone in good time before delivery to arrange the exact delivery date.

At i:SY yes! The i:SY has a one-size frame. The well thought-out geometry makes it possible. The frame “grows” in length when people between 150 and 190 cm tall sit on it.
The flat seat angle and the comparatively long “top tube” make this possible.

No. The gear ratio is adapted to the smaller wheels.

No. The opposite is the case here: due to the low center of gravity, the i:SY can be controlled extremely safely even in difficult situations and on poor surfaces (forest paths, gravel paths, sandy paths, cobblestones).

And even high speeds (e.g. downhill) are no problem for the i:SY.

No. To put it very simply: wide tires with a short contact patch roll more easily than narrow tires with a long contact patch. However, with the i:SY we use the balloon tire principle by minimizing the air pressure to such an extent that, on the one hand, the rolling properties are not really impaired, but on the other hand we specifically use the high level of driving comfort through the “air suspension”. Depending on the user's weight, we recommend a tire pressure of: 2.0 - 2.5 bar at the front, 2.2 - 3.0 bar at the rear. It is recommended to check and adjust the air pressure at least every four weeks.

Yes, of course, you can also drive long distances with the i:SY without any problems. The seating position is comfortable and the power flow is very good due to the flat seat angle. That's why you can also use the i:SY for longer tours and cycling trips.

The i:SY has the wheelbase of a normal 28 inch bike and the rear triangle is also correspondingly long. So you can easily attach large bags, such as the i:SY pannier rack bags or from Ortlieb. These are also far enough away from the ground!

We at i:SY have consciously decided against a folding mechanism in the main frame. On the one hand, it weakens the construction in terms of rigidity, and on the other hand, a folded vehicle is much more difficult to handle. The weight remains, but it can no longer be rolled.
You need a lot of strength or a second person to stow it away, while you can easily roll an i:SY into many cars.

We consider Bosch motors to be a very good choice, even in the long term. A German company with a long tradition and an excellent organizational structure.

Manufacturers and dealers are constantly trained and perfectly supported. Every i:SY dealer can install the latest engine updates and the Bosch diagnostic software provides information about the functionality of the entire system during every inspection. In addition, the Bosch system is very widespread and practically every Pedelec dealer in Europe is familiar with it.

Of course, this depends on many factors. Starting with the weight of the driver, the selected support level and of course also the chosen route. Whether flat or mountainous makes a huge difference here. Wind is also a factor.
Tip: Use the consumption display and also the switching recommendations on the display. This increases your reach. And before each day trip, reset the displayed possible range using the RESET button. That's relaxing!

Bosch batteries are of very high quality. This is noticeable from the start. Low weight, high quality cells, no self-discharge, fast charging times and long service life. We assume that under normal use a battery will provide good service for five years. After that it is still a good second battery.

The charger charges the battery with up to 4 amps. This makes the charging process really fast. A full charge (with a practically empty battery) takes around 4 hours for a 400WH battery, around 5 hours for a 500WH battery, and around 5.5 hours for a 545Wh battery. You can also make partial loads at any time. This doesn't harm the battery.

TIP: Be sure to take the charger with you on a longer day trip. If you have a lunch break or a longer coffee break, it's worth charging

Yes, there is a socket on the left side of the battery in the direction of travel through which the charger can be connected.

Yes. The BOSCH company has a test device that measures the capacity of the battery and prints out a test report. Please ask your i:SY dealer whether such a device is available.

The computer “remembers” your driving style and takes into account the distances you have traveled so far and your chosen support when calculating the range. Please reset the range using the reset button before each new tour. Now the display shows the possible range again.

Different drivers have different driving styles and use different amounts of electricity. Just reset the range every now and then and the remaining ranges should match again.

Yes, this is possible if there is a lack of care. Especially if you were driving your vehicle along the coast and came into contact with salt water or road salt in winter. All fastening screws we use are made of V2A stainless steel. But salt water is so aggressive that even stainless steel screws of this quality can develop rust. We recommend that you rinse the vehicle with warm water and wash off the salt. The brake discs are made of steel by the manufacturer and are very sensitive to salt. Brake discs can be cleaned with hot water or, better, with brake disc cleaner. It is best to dry damp parts with a cloth.

The LowRider is suitable for a maximum load of 4 kilograms per side. This is objectively much more than it initially sounds subjectively.

No. The pulleys and timing belts are tailored to the individual models.

The new luggage rack from model year 2022 is approved for 27 kg and is now also suitable for transporting children.

Cargo N3.8 = 2.13 m

Cargo N3.8 Maxi = 2.33 m