Everything about your i:SY

Good to know

From A to Z – everything i:SY

Ergonomics & dynamics

No tingling, no back

The i:SY design puts you in the optimal position: slightly leaned back, efficient in your stride and relaxed in your hands. Every detail, from the frame geometry to the fork, is designed for pure driving pleasure and safe handling. With i:SY you experience driving comfort and dynamics on a new level!

Thule child seat

Small treasures greatly secured

Family time is very important on your i:SY! Thanks to the specially designed i:SY system luggage rack, which is designed to hold up to 27 kg, attaching a child seat is child's play. This makes every trip a shared pleasure!

i:SY S-Pedelecs

Strong, fast, safe

With i:SY S-Pedelecs you can experience riding pleasure on a new level, because they take you to your destination quickly with support at up to 45 km/h.

Is there such a thing as perfect air pressure?

Optimal air pressure significantly improves your i:SY experience. Too much pressure reduces comfort, although our Schwalbe PickUp tires can withstand up to 4.5 bar. Guideline value: 2.0 to 2.5 bar at the front, 2.2 to 3.0 bar at the rear, suitable for the upright sitting position and for ideal comfort plus efficiency. Regular checking of the car valve is recommended - every two weeks is enough to always have the best ride.

i:SY battery range

So far so good

The distance your i:SY can travel on a single charge depends on a few key factors. This includes your driving style, the type of terrain you are traveling on, the total weight the battery has to move and the outside temperatures. All of these aspects influence how far you can go with your e-bike. In order to get the best range from your battery, it's worth taking these factors into account and making adjustments if necessary.

i:SY focus

Wonderfully stable

The i:SY impresses with its low and central center of gravity, which gives you a stable driving experience even when fully loaded or at higher speeds. For long distances or extended bike tours, we recommend attaching the i:SY LowRider to the fork for optimal load distribution. A weight distribution with two thirds at the back and one third at the front has proven to be ideal. Tip: Always store heavy objects in the bottom of the side pockets to further increase driving safety.

i:SY luggage rack

Done smart

The innovative i:SY system luggage rack, compatible with MonkeyLoad, is ideal for transporting your little passenger. Thanks to the load capacity of up to 27 kg, a child seat can be easily attached. For maximum safety and comfort, we recommend the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat.

saddle post

Upgrade your seating comfort with a suspension seat post, like the bySCHULZ Parallelogram, for additional comfort.

Tire pressure

The correct tire pressure is crucial - the following often applies: less is more effective.

Stem & handlebars

Adjust the handlebars with a shorter stem or a curved handlebar.

Seat height

Find your ideal seat height by trying it out – it influences your entire driving experience.


Adjust the inclination of the standard ergo handles individually for a perfect hand position.


Use the SpeedLifter to switch between a sporty and an upright sitting position. Experiment which position suits you best.