How PINION is reinventing cycling.

Wie PINION das Radfahren neu erfindet.

Imagine if your e-bike had a brain. No, I'm not talking about an AI that reads your thoughts (although who knows what the future holds). I'm talking about PINION - the technology that not only makes e-bikes smarter, but also more efficient. Here in the TWENTY iNCH FACTORY i:SY eBike online shop we are pretty excited about it. Why? Let me explain:

Innovation meets intuition: PINION is like the Swiss army knife of e-bike systems. Engine and transmission in one? Sounds like a good party. And that's exactly what PINION is - a perfect symbiosis that ensures a buttery smooth driving experience.

Performance you can feel: Imagine pedaling and – bam – the power is there. No jerking, no hesitation. PINION delivers performance so smooth you'll wonder why all e-bikes don't work like this.

Reliable like an old friend: PINION is the system you can rely on. Rain, mud or a spontaneous trip off-road? No problem. PINION holds up without you having to constantly reach for the toolbox.

Versatility is his middle name: No matter whether you're cruising through the city, planning a longer tour or embarking on an adventure - PINION adapts. How? By giving you the control you need to remain confident in any situation.

Chic design included: With all the technology, we don't forget the optics. PINION looks as good as it works. A real eye-catcher that not only makes your e-bike smarter, but also more stylish.

So, dear e-bike fans, if you're ready to take your ride to the next level, take a look at the i:SY P12 with PINION drive. It's more than just an e-bike - it's a revolution on two wheels.

Let’s dive deeper and discover what makes this technology so extraordinary.

Revolution on wheels: The PINION MGU

Power meets precision: The PINION MGU motor is not just a motor. With 12 integrated gears, it offers seamless, powerful support that adapts to every driving situation.

Maintenance-free and durable: Drive over 10,000 km worry-free without a thought about maintenance? PINION makes it possible. Thanks to the closed system, the engine and circuit are perfectly protected from dirt and wear.

Smart and individual: Every driver is unique, and so should the support from the engine. With the FIT E-Bike Control app you can individually adjust the settings of the MGU motor - for a riding experience that suits you exactly.

Your window to the e-bike world: The FIT Display Comfort

Clear, bright, informative: You can keep an eye on all the important information on the 3.5-inch color display. No matter whether in bright sunshine or in the dark, the display is always perfectly readable.

More than just speed: speed, charge status, trip data and even your calorie consumption - the FIT Display Comfort offers you comprehensive insights into your ride.

Power for the long journey: The FIT Compact Core

Energy that lasts: With 800 Wh power capacity, the FIT Compact Core takes you further than ever before. And thanks to the Long Life mode, you can extend the life of your battery even further.

Everything under control: The FIT Remote Basic

Safety and comfort: With the FIT Remote Basic you have everything under control without having to take your hands off the handlebars. Thanks to the LED-illuminated buttons and vibration feedback, you'll always stay safely on track.

Always up to date: The FIT Standard Charger and the FIT E-Bike Control App

Fast, safe, smart: The FIT Standard Charger automatically adjusts the charging current and keeps your battery in top shape. And with the FIT E-Bike Control app you always have your i:SY and tour planning under control.

With PINION MGU and the FIT system, i:SY offers technology that takes your driving experience to a new level. Discover now in the TWENTY iNCH FACTORY i:SY eBike online shop how these innovations can change your ride.

Here you can view further information about the i:SY P12 Pinion – and even order it.