Watt is going on here!?

Watt ist hier los!?

Torque, watts and co. – the power ABC of the i:SY eBike

Rushing through the city or cruising along country roads on the i:SY eBike is a very special experience. But what is actually behind the terms like torque and watts that are so often mentioned in connection with e-bikes? Here at Twenty Inch Factory's i:SY eBike online shop, we delve deep into the subject matter to dispel myths and show you how you can get the most out of your i:SY eBike.

What is torque on an e-bike?

Imagine turning a wrench around a screw - the force you apply is torque. Applied to e-bikes, torque measures in Newton meters (Nm) how much the motor supports your pedaling power. But be careful: a high torque value alone does not say everything about performance. It depends on the speed range in which this power is available and under what conditions (e.g. temperature).

How much torque is recommended?

The rule here is: need before preference. The modern "full size" mid-engines generally offer impressive performance. However, the choice of engine should be tailored to your individual driving profile. For everyday use and ambitious sporty trips without heavy loads, 60 Newton meters are usually sufficient. However, if you regularly transport heavy loads or children, a motor with more torque can make driving easier. It is important that you feel comfortable with the motor and ideally test it before buying.

Continuous performance and its importance

For e-bikes, legally classified as pedelecs, the limit of support is 25 km/h with a maximum rated continuous power of 250 watts. But manufacturers have leeway in short-term power output, which explains why some advertise higher wattages. For you this means: the higher the maximum power, the more powerful the driving experience - as long as the 250 watt continuous power is not exceeded.

The right support for your driving experience

In the end, what counts is what you expect from your e-bike. Higher wattages and torque usually mean more powerful support, but this also depends heavily on the software and individual factors such as weight and riding style. If you are a more sporty type or you often carry additional loads, a powerful engine can significantly improve the driving experience.


“It depends” – this sentence also applies to choosing the right e-bike motor. Think about what you need, what you want and what you are willing to invest for it. The performance of an e-bike motor is a complex interplay of torque, wattage and software tuning that must be considered individually. In the Twenty Inch Factory i:SY eBike online shop we are happy to provide you with our expertise to find the perfect i:SY eBike for your needs.

Immerse yourself in the world of e-bikes, understand the technology and find your perfect match with i:SY - because knowledge is power, and with the right e-bike you are the king of the roads and paths.