Discover the "Good to Know" page: Your comprehensive guide to i:SY

Entdecke die "Gut zu wissen"-Seite: Dein umfassender Guide zu i:SY

Discover the " Good to Know" page: Your comprehensive guide to i:SY

Welcome to our latest blog post in which we would like to give you an insight into our “Good to Know” page. This page is your central point of contact to find out everything you need to know about your i:SY. Regardless of whether you are already the proud owner of an i:SY or are still thinking about getting one - here you will find valuable tips and information that will make your driving experience with i:SY even better.

A deeper look into ergonomics and driving dynamics

i:SY not only stands for innovative e-bikes, but also for well thought-out ergonomics and impressive driving dynamics. Our bikes offer a slightly reclined seating position that allows for efficient power transfer to the pedals while minimizing strain on the hands and wrists. This blog post explains how the specific frame geometry and upright seating position contribute to a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Ergonomics and dynamics – good to know – isy ebike online shop from twenty inch factory

The importance of optimal air pressure

Many people underestimate how important the right air pressure is for driving experience and safety. Too much pressure can reduce comfort, while too little pressure reduces efficiency. In this article we give you clear instructions on how to find the ideal air pressure for your i:SY and why regular checks are so crucial.

Air pressure – good to know – isy ebike online shop from twenty inch factory

Child transport made easy

We offer practical solutions for families to safely transport even the smallest adventurers. Our system luggage rack, which is suitable for transporting children, is presented in detail here. Find out how to safely install a child seat and which seat suits your i:SY best.

Children's transport - good to know - isy ebike online shop from twenty inch factory

Things worth knowing about S-Pedelecs

S-Pedelecs offer a faster driving experience, but there are a lot of things to consider - from insurance requirements to legal regulations. This part of the blog explains the special features and requirements so that you can always travel safely and in compliance with the rules.

Our "Good to Know" page is designed to give you an in-depth insight into the world of i:SY and optimize your driving experience. We warmly invite you to stop by and be inspired by our expert tips. Whether it's technical details, maintenance tips or how to get the most out of your i:SY - we've thought of everything. Look forward to an improved driving experience and discover what makes i:SY so special!

iSY S-Pedelec – Good to know – isy ebike online shop from twenty inch factory