Company bike leasing is well explained – thanks BikeBild.

Dienstrad-Leasing super erklärt – danke BikeBild.
Bikebild explains in a very understandable way what bike leasing is all about, how much it costs and exactly how it works - and whether it's worth it for you. We can say that a good proportion of our i:SY customers have leased the i:SY as a company bike.
The bike picture says...
... Company cars are a thing of the past, today companies also offer their employees bicycle leasing. The promise is around 40 percent savings and the opportunity to finance high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs as well as sports bikes. BikeBild answers the most important questions, shows sample invoices from different providers and reveals for whom bike leasing is really worthwhile.
Oh yes: we work with almost all providers, from JobRad to German company bike to Businessbike and Co. – we are happy to advise you.