Easily achieve the grade Very Good!

Mit Leichtigkeit zur Note Sehr Gut!

The i:SY Skyfly E5 ZR F has done it again: With the grade “Very Good”, radfahr.de confirms that this e-bike is a real masterpiece. Light, maneuverable and full of innovations – a compact bike that sets standards. At just 20 kilograms, it is a flyweight among e-bikes without compromising on safety and comfort. Curious how it performs on the road? The detailed test on radfahr.de is waiting for you. Discover what makes the Skyfly so unique: radfahr.de – the test

The i:SY E5 Skyfly – the wonderfully light test winner

The i:SY E5 Skyfly – managing director Jessica Schumacher drives here herself

The i:SY E5 Skyfly – super light and beautiful