i:SY's flight through the e-bike revolution

i:SYs Flug durch die E-Bike Revolution

Test report from radfahr.de
The i:SY Skyfly E5 ZR F, a feather-light e-bike in a class of its own, meets the verdict of the experts at radfahr.de.

The abstract:

At just 20.1 kg, this compact bike is not only lightweight, but also a technical marvel that is conquering the market for around 5,599 euros. But is the investment worth it?

Innovation meets tradition

The Skyfly is a prime example of i:SY's innovative strength: a completely new frame, an advanced fork and a well-thought-out luggage rack. But despite all the new things, i:SY remains true to its roots: the bike shines with agile handling, a comfortable seating position and clever transport solutions.

Perfection on two wheels

Powered by a Bosch SX motor that impresses with 55 Nm, the Skyfly offers a harmonious driving experience. It masters every challenge – be it in the city or in the country. The high-quality equipment, including an intelligent lighting system, completes the overall package.

Conclusion: An expensive but worthwhile masterpiece

Despite the high price, the i:SY Skyfly E5 ZR F is convincing across the board. It is not only a testament to i:SY's innovative spirit, but also a promise of unparalleled driving experiences. The experts at radfahr.de agree: The Skyfly is an investment that pays off.

In summary, radfahr.de says:

Positive: Light, high payload, harmonious mix of components, child seat approval

Negative: Buttons on the Bosch compact remote are a bit small

The complete test report can be found here

The Skyfly in the cycling test