i:SY rearview mirror
i:SY rearview mirror
i:SY rearview mirror
i:SY rearview mirror
i:SY rearview mirror
i:SY rearview mirror

i:SY rearview mirror


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The new iSY rearview mirror
All-round view deluxe
Safety is sexy, and with the new iSY rearview mirror you can always keep an eye on the traffic without having to turn your head riskily. This mirror is a real game changer for your ride: easy to adjust, foldable in a flash and equipped with a large, convex mirror surface that gives you a wide viewing angle. The iSY rearview mirror is your faithful observer that will never let you down. No matter whether in heavy city traffic or on lonely country roads, you always have an overview. And the best? Your handlebars remain scratch-free and there is no need for laborious realignment after folding. Safety, comfort and style – all combined in one mirror.


  • Product: Folding iSY rearview mirror
  • Adjustability: Highly adjustable long arm mirror body
  • Assembly: Quick and easy, 2.5 mm hex key required
  • Features: Quickly foldable, large convex mirror surface for a wide viewing angle, scratch-free installation
  • Safety: Increases traffic safety by providing visibility of the traffic behind
  • Special feature: the adjustment is retained after folding, can only be used on the left
  • Weight: 160g

The assembly:
Let's tell a little story about how you bring your new iSY rearview mirror to life without breaking a sweat. It's easier than opening your bike lock!

Step 1: A gentle squeeze Take the counterpart of your mirror and give it a gentle but firm hug - like an old friend. You just want the screw to feel comfortable and not jam. A little kiss - i.e. a slight tightening of the screw - is enough.

Step 2: The perfect angle Now things get personal. Adjust the angle on the handlebars like you would align your favorite picture on the wall. Maybe you have to ask one or two of your neighbors - i.e. brake or gearshift - to move a little. Then tighten everything but remember to be gentle (1.0-1.2Nm).

Step 3: A touch of freedom Loosen the screw a little again. Raise the mirror arm shot like you pull back a curtain to see the sunrise. Choose your resting position and squeeze it together. Now tighten the screw again (0.6Nm) and then give it a little space. The mirror should move easily, like a leaf in the wind. For those who like to speed over bumpy paths: Tighten the screw a little bit tighter.

Step 4: The final touch Finally, use the ball joint to align the mirror so that you have the best field of vision - like a conductor positioning his orchestra for the perfect symphony.

And voilà, the installation of your new iSY rearview mirror is complete. Now you are ready to go on a long journey safely and with full overview.

Your i:SY accessories will be securely packaged and delivered to your home with GLS or DHL.

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